Exhausted and Confused?   Yes! I need help and more sleep.
Exhausted and Confused?   Yes! I need help and more sleep.
Exhausted and Confused?   Yes! I need help and more sleep.

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  1. Shawna says

    Hi, my son just turned 8 months. He still wakes up 2-4 times a night. I’m wondering if dropping his evening nap will help and maybe putting him to bed earlier. Also maybe letting him sleep in tell 7/8 in the mornings. He also refuses baby food. Here’s his schedule.

    6:30- wake/ nurse
    9- nurse/nap (about 1- 2 hours)
    12:30-nurse/ nap (1- 1 1/2 hours)
    3:30- nurse
    5:30- nurse/ nap (45 mins)
    8-nurse/ bed

    He usually wakes up around
    10/11 pm
    3 am
    5 am
    He has woke up at these times sense he was a newborn. Every time he wakes up I nurse him. He shares a room with me and my husband. Will moving him into his own room help him sleep through the night? Thank you for your time.

  2. Ashley says

    My 8 month old follows this schedule pretty well (yay!) and naps and feeding are super smooth and easy! My issue is nighttime sleep. We have a bedtime routine but every single night for months she has been screaming and crying for 1-2 hours and it is a constant routine of letting her cry 10 mins then me or my husband go in and console her, leave the room and she cries more, we go back in after 10 mins, etc. until 1-2 hours have passed and she finally wears herself out. We are emotionally and physically exhausted and have no clue what to do. I just don’t understand how naps are so easy and great and then bedtime isnt.

    • Danielle says

      Hi Ashley,
      I’m so glad to hear your daytime schedule is going so well! I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with nights, though. If you’ve ruled out any ongoing health issues, then the most common reason for a baby this age to wake repeatedly at night like you describe is hunger. Some babies this age do still need 1-2 feedings per night. If you think it might be hunger waking her, you can try feeding her when she starts crying, and if she goes back to sleep pretty easily after feeding and doesn’t wake again right away, then you know hunger was the issue. If she eats and then keeps waking and crying, then you’re more likely dealing with a sleep association. You can read more about sleep associations here:

      I hope this helps, but please get in touch if you have any questions!

  3. Anna says

    I noticed you do a cluster feeding around lunch time instead of spacing the feeding out. Is there a reason to this? I’m very curious. We have worked to switch my little one’s feedings to 3 hours instead of 2 to help with nightime sleep eatings. Wouldn’t doing that cluster feed make him regress? (He is 7.5 months)

    • Danielle says

      Hi Anna,
      Thank you for using The Baby Sleep Site as a resource! These schedules are samples, but we do recommend that babies this age still get most of their nutrition from breastmilk or formula, which requires at least 5 milk feedings a day. If you’re trying to reduce night feedings, you still need to keep the same amount of food in your 24 hour day, so your baby doesn’t wake hungry, so this schedule (and that clustered approach) is a way of trying to get that food in during the daytime hours, instead of waking at night to eat. I hope that makes sense – please let us know if you have any other questions!

  4. Ania says

    I’ll be sending my baby to day care when she’s 8 months. I went to visit the place and they do 1 nap at lunch time only. She would stay there from 8am- 6pm. I’m worried my baby would be overtired but seems like they’ve been doing this all this time and babies seem to be ok. Should I find a different daycare?

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Ania, thanks for writing to us. I am honestly surprised the daycare only gives their 8 month olds one nap, unless she is in a class with older children (which would make more sense). I understand it is so difficult to find the right daycare situation for your family, but of course you will want a place that will give your child what she needs as well. If you’re able to shop around and look at other options that perhaps has a less broad aged class for while she’s young, it may be worth it! Here is a link to an article on how daycare can impact your child’s sleep so you can have it on hand with whatever you decide to do:
      I hope this helps!

  5. Christina says

    Hi my baby is 8 months old and al of a sudden she will not sleep through the night. She wakes at 10.30 then midnight then 2.30 every time I cuddle her but when I put her back in her cot she wakes crying. Any advise

    • Danielle says

      Hi Christina,
      Thanks for your comment on The Baby Sleep Site! I’m sorry to hear you’re having some trouble with your 8 month-old’s sleep. From your description, it sounds like she ma be going through the 8 month sleep regression. We have a great article with a lot of information about this regression that I hope will help you here:
      Good luck!

  6. Flora Rekerdres says

    Hi, so my baby is turning 8 months old soon. And he has slept through the night. Yaaay! This is sample of his schedule:
    5:30 AM – Awake
    6:14 AM- Breastmilk+ Breakfast (cereal usually)
    8:15 AM-9:45 AM: morning naps
    9:45-10:15 Breast milk+ Morning snack
    12 PM: 2 oz Breast Milk + Lunch
    1:00 PM- 2:00 PM afternoon nap
    2:00 PM breastmilk+ little afternoon snack
    5:00 PM dinner + Breast milk
    6:30-7:00 PM will be down for night sleep

    see, I think he is doing fine. However I do struggle he wake up so early. I did not go in to nurse him at 5:30 AM and he usually wait me patiently until he is hungry and crying (around 6:00 PM)
    I have tried to move his bed time little bit later like 7:30 PM but it still did not change his waking time.

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Flora Rekerdres, thanks for writing to us. I’m glad your little guy has been sleeping good stretches for you, but I can imagine that early morning has been rough on you. Here is a link to an article specifically on how to handle early wakings (we would consider anything before 6 am an early waking):
      If you need help troubleshooting (because it definitely can be tricky) let us know. We have helped many families in very similar situations get on a schedule that works for them. Here is a link to read more about how you can get one-on-one advise for your family specifically:
      I hope this helps! Thanks for visiting the Baby Sleep Site!

  7. rahma haji says

    Hiya am so confused as to how much my baby should be eating and drinking. He’s 8 month old and this is his routine.

    9: wake up

    10: eats tiny amount of weetabix ( usually refuses it all)

    11: 180ml of formula

    11:30- nap

    12: lunch ( homemade veg with meat) eats about 2 tbsp

    2: 200ml of formula

    3:00- nap

    5:45: 150ml of formula

    6: 30min nap

    7:45: refuses dinner

    150ml of formula


    • Danielle says

      Hi Rahma,
      Thank you for using The Baby Sleep Site as a resource! Usually, for babies under one year-old, formula or breastmilk should be the main food, and solid food is just for fun. Some babies will eat a lot of solids, but some won’t, and that’s usually okay. If you have questions about how your baby is eating, please check in with your pediatrician, as we are not medical professionals and can only make general statements about that 🙂 Good luck!