Exhausted and Confused?   Yes! I need help and more sleep.
Exhausted and Confused?   Yes! I need help and more sleep.
Exhausted and Confused?   Yes! I need help and more sleep.

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  1. Jenna says

    Our baby is 9 months old and we are finally ready to sleep train. We want to use the Ferber method, but my question is do we need to have a strict wake up time? Or do we let the baby sleep as long as they want/need? On weekdays we have a schedule to get her out the door to the nanny’s house. But on weekends is sleeping in bad? Personally we wouldn’t mind if she slept past 6am on the weekends. ha!

    Also, I read your 9 month schedule. I am just in awe. My baby NEVER sleeps for 12 hours, let alone 2 long naps during the day. She might get 2 naps in the day, but generally not 2 long ones. Maybe 1 long one and a quick cat nap here and there, or sometimes only cat naps. The reason we are looking to start the Ferber method is because her sleep schedule is shifted. She only want to got o sleep between 11pm-12:30am). We recognize that she needs to be in bed earlier, but she honestly is not a sleeper, and never has been. She can sleep through the night (although not so much recently)m but it is maybe 8 hours? And naps like I said are sporadic. I just can’t fathom the idea of her sleeping for 14-16 hours in a day. That is just not her. Is that a problem? Do we need to force her to be in bed for 12 hours at night with this sleep training?

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Jenna –
      Thank you for writing to us about you 9 month old! All babies are different and some can handle a flexible schedule, while others will need a stricter schedule to sleep as well as they can! YOu can certainly try out some sleeping in on the weekends and see how it goes! if it does not disrupt her naps and night sleep, then sleeping in sounds like a great idea!
      It does sound like your baby could use some help getting on a better schedule! The 12 hours per night is an average, so more than this, or less than this is okay! But I’d recommend trying to get closer to 11 hours at night total, and closer to 2 hours in naps.
      If you’d like help with this, please let us know! We’d love to help you get your baby on a better schedule!

  2. Ann Van den broeck says

    Mine still feeds 4 times a night and always drank 3 to 5 mins just one boob. She always did that but is at the top 97%.
    Wake up 7 to 8 Am
    First nao for an hour at 9am.
    Next nap for 1 to 2 hrs at 12-13pm
    Ladt nao foe 45 mins around 4 pm and sleeping at abywhere around 8-9 pm.

    • Ann Van den broeck says

      During naps she falks asleep easily by herself. I put her in bed, leave and shes asleep within 5 mins

      • Danielle says

        Hi Ann,
        Thank you so much for your addition to the 9 month schedule – I know a lot of other parents read the comments here to see what other babies are doing. We appreciate you visiting The Baby Sleep Site!

  3. Sara says

    Hi I am having trouble getting my 9 month old on a good schedule. Her sleep schedule is all over the place and has been for quite a few months now. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong and I’m not sure how to fix it. I’m just looking for some guidance. My daughter has been going to “bed” at around 2-3 am and sleeps until 12 or 1 pm. Everything is all out of whack. This is my first kid and I have no idea how to get her on a proper sleep schedule or feeding schedule. She takes an hour nap around 1 and then another one around 4 or 5. We’ve tried putting her to bed at earlier times but she just ends up waking up. When she goes to bed at 2 am she sleeps through the night. Help!!

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Sara – Sorry to hear that your 9 month old’s schedule is been so out of whack! Don’t give up – you CAN get her sleeping at better times! You will want to move your daughter’s whole day to an earlier bedtime – meals, naps, night time sleep, everything should get moved to get the schedule shifted.
      It can be tricky to do this without overtiredness, and for specific help, please consider our ebook “Shift Your Child’s Schedule.” You can read more about it here:
      Good luck Sara and please contact us if you’d like more info!

  4. Kendra says

    We have to be out the door at 6:15 AM to get my daughter to daycare and then me to work by 8:00 AM. She also doesn’t go to sleep until 8:30/9PM depending on her mood. We’ve tried putting her down earlier but she just plays and fusses.

    She even doesn’t nap much during the day, either. I worry because she’s not sleeping as much as most sites tell you they should at 9 months but she seems okay

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Kendra – Thanks for writing! There is a wide range of typical sleep, and the schedules that we post are averages. So, she may be getting enough sleep for her needs, if she is well rested and content! If you suspect she is not getting enough sleep, she may be over-tired by bedtime, especially if she is not napping! Keep offering those naps, and don’t give up on testing out good bedtimes for her!
      Good luck!

  5. Jade says

    I’d love brief advice on why my baby might be waking at 4am-5am all of a sudden after sleeping 7pm til 6.30am consistently no feed, and naps being on schedule too. i worked so hard for This schedule and now This has put me in a circle of having an over tired baby and trying to get it back on track. Also the first few times he did it was so out of character (since the 4 month sleep hell) i made the mistake of trying to feed and taking him downstairs. Only to find he didn’t want the bottle anyway!

    • Neosha says

      @Jade – Thank you for reading our post and for sharing with us. Early waking can be a beast! There are so many things that contribute to him waking early, though. I’m assuming he’s 9 months old (or somewhere roundabout based on the title of the post). His daily sleep schedule, how he falls asleep, his environment, his development (a sleep regression is common around this age), his daily feedings, sleep associations, etc – all or some or just one of these could be the culprit. If you haven’t thought about keeping a log of sleep and activities to better pinpoint the issue, that’d be a great first step. You could also consider connecting with one of our sleep consultants for more troubleshooting. You can read more about our team here: Hang in there, Jade!

  6. Hema E says

    8AM-wake up time, BF
    8.45- breakfast
    10AM- brest feeding
    11AM-1PM – nap time
    1PM- Brest feeding
    1.45PM- lunch
    3PM- brest feeding
    4.30PM-snack time
    5PM – 6PM- Nap time
    6PM – brest feed
    9Pm brest feed and goes to sleep

    • Danielle says

      Hi Hema,
      Thanks so much for adding your schedule to the post! Many families love to know what others are doing, so I’m sure they’ll find another 9 month-old schedule very helpful. We appreciate your support of The Baby Sleep Site!