Exhausted and Confused?   Yes! I need help and more sleep.
Exhausted and Confused?   Yes! I need help and more sleep.
Exhausted and Confused?   Yes! I need help and more sleep.

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  1. Stefanie says

    Ok, question. My youngest is 17 months, and has been on fairly consistent schedule of 2 naps a day for some time now. I actually tried removing the 2nd nap cold turkey for a week, but she was a mess by the end of the week, so I went back to 2 naps. However, it is taking longer for her to fall asleep for that afternoon nap (with lots of crying). She generally wakes around 6am and goes to bed at 7pm. I would just put her down at 11 every day for one nap, except that I have to pick up my son from preschool at noon (which by that time, she is so tired!). I also want to try to keep her on relatively the same schedule or close to that of my other two kids (3 and 4), who usually go down for nap around 1:30pm. Would it make sense to try a shortened morning nap and waking her after 45 min or so, then still doing the afternoon nap? I’ve never been one to wake my kids mid-sleep, but seems like she might benefit from a little power nap in the morning to get her through till the afternoon. And might help keep them all on the same afternoon schedule? Would love to hear any thoughts/recommendations!

    • Emily DeJeu says

      @ Stefanie – your plan sounds good! There’s no formula for nap transitions, but generally, you can start shifting the timing of the naps until you’ve phased out one of them, or you can just shorten a nap until it disappears. You might find this article on nap transition helpful: How To Manage Your Baby or Toddler’s Nap Transitions.

      Hope that helps, Stefanie! Thanks for commenting. 🙂