Exhausted and Confused?   Yes! I need help and more sleep.
Exhausted and Confused?   Yes! I need help and more sleep.
Exhausted and Confused?   Yes! I need help and more sleep.

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  1. Laura R says

    My son will be attending private day care all the kids nap at the same time but he is the youngest at 14 months when we will be starting.
    He has two naps a day, how can I possibly transition him so early..I have worked so hard on his sleep training I don’t want to ruin it. Help!! Not sure what to do, or which package to choose from.

    • Nicole Johnson says

      @Laura I’m sorry you’re feeling anxious about the transition to daycare. I don’t blame you! Starting daycare can be tricky and doing a nap transition all at once only makes the transition harder, but I want to assure you that many toddlers will transition just fine after a couple of weeks. We do find that daycares transition to one nap too early, though at 14 months it may go better than you think. 🙂 You asked about which package to choose from. For this specific of an issue and assuming you don’t have multiple sleep challenges, if you want to speak directly to a sleep consultant, I would recommend either a Basic e-Mail package or becoming a member of the site where you can live chat with a sleep consultant once a week in a group setting. You can find out more about our one-on-one options here: and our Members Area here: . Good luck!!

      • Laura Recchia says

        Thank you, I appreciate your prompt reply and help! Xo I will be reviewing the packages ASAP!

  2. Vinita Abraham says

    My daughter who is now 9months is going through a 3 to 2 nap transistion which messed up her day naps. She used to sleep 1.5 to 2 hours x3 naps prior to 7 months, but now it’s exactly 35mins max (often just 2 naps) after which I cannot get get to sleep no matter how much I try to comfort and console her back to sleep to make up the hour. Which is now causing the day to be very long, and an early bedtime latest 6pm. Thankfully she still sleeps ok at night 6pm to 6am. She is able to put herself to sleep, and no obvious sleep associations. Dark room, white noise and during the day her sleeps are almost always in her cot.Any suggestions on how to get her to nap for longer? TIA?

  3. Kaz says

    My daughter is 18 months and although we’ve had a few ups and downs but over the past 3-4 mths things have been going really well. She’s been going to bed at around 7 and sleeping from 7:30/8 until 7/8 with only a few short lived wakes. She’s also been napping for 1.5-2 hours a day. Now suddenly for the last week she’s decided not to nap at her usual time of 11:30. I tried making it later so after lunch at around 12:30 but now she either doesn’t sleep at all or holds out til 4 and just passed out and wakes up incredibly grumpy at 5. She’s also started washing at 5-6, usually before my alarm! She looks exhausted with big bags under her eyes. I don’t know if this is this just a blip and I need to just push on with the routine our do I need to change things around

    • Emily DeJeu says

      @ Kaz – definitely sounds like the 18 month regression to me!! You can read it about it here: I’d suggest that you push on as usual, while making allowances for over tiredness (i.e. allowing a short cat-nap in early evening, if necessary). The early waking is a big bummer, but just do your best to not get your daughter up for the day before about 6:30 or so, and eventually, that should resolve itself. This really does get better – you’ll probably find that things return to their normal rhythm very soon 🙂

      Thanks for commenting, @ Kaz! 🙂

  4. Dawn Gaze says

    My daughter is 2 yrs 9 mth and is resisting her lunchtime nap most days. She usually only naps once a week or less now. I still put her down at 12 noon but if she does sleep it usually happens after an hour of her being in her cot. If she doesn’t sleep she is a cranky pants by late afternoon and ready for bed at 6pm! Her normal bed time is 7pm and she sleeps for 12 hours (thanks to a personal sleep plan at 8 months old- thank you Nicole). Should I give up trying to get her to nap? This has been going on for around 3 months.

    • Emily DeJeu says

      @ Dawn Gaze – oh, boy, do I sympathize. My daughter was just like this – in fact, for her whole second year of life, her afternoon nap was totally erratic. She’d go two weeks and not nap at all, and then she’d nap like an angel for a few days, and then back to no naps. It was crazy. However, I stuck with the nap time – I would just tell her that if she couldn’t sleep, she could sit quietly in her bed and play with toys/look at books. Would you believe that now that she’s three, she’s back to napping regularly, with only occasional missed naps?

      So, if I were you, I’d stick with offering the nap for now, but be flexible – allow it to be a rest time, if your daughter won’t sleep. Also, try offering bedtime closer to 6:30 on days when she doesn’t nap (that way, you split the difference between a too-early bedtime and her normal bedtime).

      Let us know if that works, Dawn! And thanks for commenting 🙂

  5. Melinda Baker says

    I’m pretty sure we’re going through a nap transition, and want to get some ideas on how to make this the smoothest. My son just turned 1 recently and had been taking two very regular naps a day. one between 9-9:30, and one somewhere between 2-3pm, and bedtime between 8-8:30. Suddenly today, out of nowhere, absolutely refused to take his morning nap. We tried for about an hour, with him in his crib most of the time before we gave up, and had a small bit of play time, then lunch, then a nap about 12:00. he slept for about 2 hours, and about 6:00, he was super tired (which is completely understandable). we obviously didn’t want to put him down for a nap then, so we decided to keep him up till about 7:30, but by the time that rolled around he was doing okay, and we did bedtime at 8. In hindsight, that probably wasn’t the best thing to do. so I was curious how early should bedtime be when he decides to do one nap? we’ll try again for two naps for a few days, see if this was just a blip (I’d love to keep two naps for a while, I’m not ready for just one nap :)), but if he decides to just do one nap, how much earlier should we put him to bed? we don’t want to put him to bed too early, and have him treat it like a nap, or wake up at 5:30 the next morning, but I don’t want to put him to bed too late either, and have him not sleep well from being over tired.

    • Emily DeJeu says

      @Melinda – On the days when he’s missed a nap, an earlier bedtime is a safe bet, and that 6pm time that he appeared really tired may have been a good time to put your son down for bed. Typically, you can tell your child is experiencing a nap transition when he starts to consistently resist a nap for about a week or two, so if this was just a one-time thing, it may be just an odd day. Again, we recommend keeping two naps as long as possible, so if he went back to taking his normal two naps a day, then I wouldn’t push the transition. And it doesn’t sound like you’re ready either! 😉 Hopefully things improve for you all soon! Thanks for your comments!

  6. monique says

    this is great advice…i thought a 2-3hr was roo much for my 18month old son…i also agree with the daughter is 6 and once her brother lies down for his nap an hr later she is either laying in her bed watching cartoons low or reading a few books thank you

    • Emily DeJeu says

      @monique – Glad you found this helpful, and that’s great that you still offer some down time for your daughter while her brother naps. And hopefully that means a little break for you, too! 🙂 Thanks for your comment!