Exhausted and Confused?   Yes! I need help and more sleep.
Exhausted and Confused?   Yes! I need help and more sleep.
Exhausted and Confused?   Yes! I need help and more sleep.

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  1. Rachel Sweeney says

    The bedtime timer is such a cool idea! It’d definitely help cut down on the “aww man!” groans you get when you tell the kids it’s time for bed, haha.

    • Janelle Reid says

      We think so too @Rachel Sweeney! Maybe you can snag one for a good deal this week since it’s Cyber week on Amazon! 🙂

  2. Jorge says

    I want Alexa to keep playing music like finger family, baby shark without asking for every single song

    • Nicole Johnson says

      @Jorge We have an Alexa at home and you can make a playlist or play a ready-made playlist any time, so you don’t have to ask for each song. Learn more here:

  3. Michelle says

    “But we live in an age of wondrous technology, readers, and if you feel so inclined, you should absolutely take advantage of every.single.benefit that technology can provide you” And I don’t need the Echo device to do most of this.

    Honestly this sounds like a sales pitch for the thing “If you want an excuse to buy ANOTHER….” I could get a white noise machine for the price of one of them and park that in my kids’ room without being worried that they might talk to it or order crap all night.

    • Danielle says

      Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for using The Baby Sleep Site as a resource! When the Amazon Echo first came out, we had a lot of questions from the families we worked with about whether they should use it as a part of their sleep coaching efforts, and this article was written at the time to help address those questions. Several of us do like the Echo, and we have many families who do use it or another smart home device, but we also have tons of families who don’t own one and never will. We strongly believe that families should be empowered to make the best decisions they can for their own well-being, and we like to offer information to help them be fully informed to make those decisions. We sincerely appreciate your comment, and please let us know if we can be of any further help!

  4. barbara says

    if you buy 3 and put in 3 kids room can one listen music when other one listen book reading?

    • Janelle Reid says

      @Barbara, Thanks for reading, and I believe you can! As I mentioned in a different comment, I am not an expert on every feature of the Echo, but I do know you can have up to 12 Echo’s to one Amazon account to be used in different rooms (and I would guess that they could span over different houses) and multiple devices can function at the same time, when linked to the same account. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Renee Clancy says

    How can I get the echo to play calming music all night till 6am. My daughter wakes up as soon as the music shuts off

    • Janelle Reid says

      @Renee, Thank you for commenting! I do not know all of the features and settings of the echo perfectly, but I am under the impression you are able to make a playlist long enough and it will play continuously. There is a sleep timer setting available should you decide you want the music to turn off after a certain amount of time, but it doesn’t sound like that’s a feature you want.

  6. Jack says

    Just a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great style and design. “The price one pays for pursuing a profession, or calling, is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side.” by James Arthur Baldwin.

    • Neosha says

      @Jack – Thank you for your comment and please keep reading!

  7. Alysa Kleinman says

    This is an awesome blog post! I had no idea about the countdown timer. Your list of compatible lightbulbs looks like a forum, so you should check out our website and think about updating the link to our list. It’s a little more complete and up to date.

    Thanks again for the great ideas for my kids’ bedtime!

    • Emily DeJeu says

      @ Alysa – thanks for your feedback!